Thursday Dec  7 • Shamless Karaoke Night

Join us on the opening of the IKWC and begin your journey to explore Karaoke like you never have before.  Tonight program features a cult film, celebrity appearances and Chicago's Shameless Karaoke as guest KJs.

7pm: Screening of the movie Karaoke Terror
A film that truly could have been made only in Japan, Karaoke Terror (adapted from a novel by Audition author Ryu Murakami) posits a world in which two rival gangs dedicated to escaping reality through stylized Karaoke routines engage in a battle fierce enough to touch off a culture firestorm -- literally.

9pm: Performance by: Bill Mummy
Bill Mummy is a 1984, 1993 and 2002 Karaoke Jockey Champion who has now turned to lounge singing as his main form of communication.

9:30pm-midnight - Karaoke provided Shameless Karaoke
Chicago based Liz and Joe Mason run Shameless Karaoke KJ Services, and have over 2400 songs in their collection. 

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Green Screen You Tube Karaoke Freakout!

Friday Dec 8, 2017
All events take place at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St • Chicago Il 60608
Admission is $10 – 3 Day Pass is $25 • GET TICKETS ON EVENT BRITE

Chicago has been recognized internationally as a site of many high tech Karaoke innovations and we are pleased to present one of them. Join us for Green Screen You Tube Karaoke Freak Out. Tonight's program features a documentary film, a special performance by legendary artist, Winston Lasker, and a intense karaoke freak out!

7pm Screening of the documentary Karaoke Fever
The offbeat protagonists of this hilarious, riveting, and touching film are all afflicted with the fervent need for adulation and recognition. In the cutthroat world of karaoke contests, the ability to sing like a professional is equally important as on-stage charisma. We follow several contestants as they struggle through the ranks of local competitions in neighborhood bars to finally reach the glamorous, high-pressure finals, where their golden throats are finely-honed weapons in a winner-take-all battle for cash and a recording contract. Inhabiting a kitschy universe of eternal Las Vegas chic, these complex, driven individuals are consumed by dreams for which they are willing to sacrifice everything.

9pm  Performance by Winston Lasker
Poet, Chanteuse, Entertainer and Founder of band Mah Jong and HuJo shows us how its done.

9:30pm-midnight Green Screen You Tube Karaoke Freakout!
The Freak Out is a patent pending karaoke system that allows the performer to be imbedded into a virtual video screen world. Using crowdsourced Karaoke video files located on You Tube, be prepared for a techno sonic free for all limited only by the Co-Prosperity Sphere internet connection. With the full team of celebrity Karaoke Jockeys, Reuben Kincaid Katetronica, and  Strong Mike, along with Logan Bay and hopefully Joel Bruner, the co-inventors of Green Screen Karaoke technology.  Sponsored by Marz Community Brewing Co, a IWKC presenter.

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